Friday, September 16, 2011

Picture Day!

Another Reminder!

Picture Day is this Monday 9/19

Do not pick out a green outfit as it will blend with the background.

Notes and Kinks!

  • There were a few kinks in the schedules, so resource times may be shifted around and revised next week. 
  • Below I have attached the letter regarding the new note system. 
  • Please keep the weekly note in students home - school folder, Mon-Fri so we can note each day. 
Parent/ Guardians,

    Last year we were lucky enough to have Patrick Schwarz work with our program as a consultant. Patrick observed in classrooms and met with me to review the program. One area where we saw a need for improvement was daily data collection, it was very time consuming, tedious, and seemed to be confusing for an outsider or a parent.

Patrick and I sat down and worked on simplifying daily notes in order to make them easier to read. We wanted them to be more useful as a feedback tool, and less time consuming for the assistant completing them. We have focused on specific observable behaviors, and we are incorporating IEP data into our plan sheets in order to give you more regular feedback.

Our goal is to,
-  make the most efficient use of our “learning time” throughout the day.
- give a weekly picture in order to see patterns.
- create a planning tool that helps all team members think about IEP goals and track on a regular basis.

Additionally, plan sheets and related service notes will be emailed home on Fridays in order to conserve paper.

We appreciate your flexibility and your previous feedback on what you needed from us.

~ Ms. Rose

Monday, September 5, 2011

Schedules, Planning, Point Sheets! 9/4/11


I have created rough draft schedules based on the proposed specials schedule, I am hoping to work out any kinks this week.

I hope to plan with each teacher this week, and send home a plan sheet with upcoming due dates and goals. Last Wednesday, I sat down with Patrick Schwarz and we re-designed the NEW PLAN SHEET to make it more user friendly and efficient!

Point Sheets
Patrick and I also worked on point sheets and edited to create a system with one week on a page to give an over all picture. Looking forward to sharing with you once created! Should be ready next week.

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful long weekend!

~ Ms. Rose