Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27, 2010 WELCOME BACK!

Great to Be Back
Everyone has had a great week back! Students are having fun getting to know their new teachers, and staff members. Everyone has learned all about how to be safe in our building, and the school and classroom rules.

  • Rebecca Rissman, Heinemannraintree Publishing, Acorn Book Series
    • The Author Rebecca Rissman, who writes stories for children about inclusion and children with differences, is coming to talk to Ms. Rose's classroom Monday afternoon from 1:00-1:30, she is going to talk to them about being an author and find out what they like to read about. 
    • Ms. Rose has many of her books including We All Read, We All Communicate, and several others, I read them to classrooms when I come to take about appreciating everyone's differences. 
    • We are very excited that she will be in town and able to visit our classroom.

    • I am sending  home  a AUTHOR VISIT  permission slip for Monday video/ picture permission slips, consent forms (to talk to outside services), and script forms (if needed)
    • Please return ASAP.
    •  A rough draft schedule will come home on Monday, and will be specifically adjusted once teachers have their final schedules completed. 
    • I will be collecting baseline data on students goals, and core skills to see where students are at and what specific areas they need more or less intervention.
    • Baseline data will be sent home when I am finished. 
    • 6-8 pm
    • Physical Therapist-  Ellen Buchannan
    • Social Worker- Raynesia Fleming
    • Special Ed. Coordinator- Kari Smith

Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome Back! Getting Ready for School to Start!

Information for the start of the school year:
I am encouraging students to complete the following 2 assignments before the start of the school year this can be done with a parent, peer, brother or sister, or outside therapist or tutor:                                  click on these links to see assignments, paper copies will come in the mail by August 12th.
FOR PARENTS: Click on the links below to access further information and complete the forms.
- Electronic Backpack
o Look for this on the school’s website or on Ms. Rose’s Blog updated weekly with school events and information.
- Survey/ Blog
o Please take the PARENT SURVEY  before August 19th
- August 19
o Meet and Greet 11-12, Holmes School Playground
- Transfer of Information
o Please have the release of information forms completed by outside therapists, and get notes of any changes to programs that were made over the summer.
o Complete the OUTSIDE SERVICES INFORMATION FORM  even if therapists are the same as last year.
School Supplies
Check the general education supply lists, and additionally send in 2 spiral notebooks and 1 USB or Jump drive (if not on class list).
* You may buy adapted equipment if you know this works better for your child.

1st week of School
The first week of school, will be used for gathering baseline data to see where each child is at, do additional hands on training in classrooms and with staff, and meet with parents to finalize details. I will send out a schedule as soon as it is confirmed.

Paper copies of the above information will be mailed home before the first day of school.